Ketogenic Diet Helps in Fighting Cancer

Are you looking for a new way to fight cancer? With every passing year the percentage of people suffering from cancer seems to increase. The medicinal field is trying to come up with new innovations and researches, for treating the deadly disease cancer. While the conventional treatment for cancer is through chemotherapy and radiation, people are also looking towards alternative methods in order to heal cancer.

One cannot deny the fact that diet plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And now a new kind of diet is claiming to deal with cancer. Whether Ketogenic diet fights cancer has become a widely debated topic all over the world. People who suffer from cancer are eagerly waiting to take a look into Ketogenic diet and how effectively they can treat cancer.

Ketogenic diet fights cancer

What Is A Ketogenic Diet?

A Ketogenic Diet is a form of a diet that contains high amount of fat, moderate amount of protein and very low amount of carbohydrates. The main importance of the diet is to emphasize on fat consumption and not on carbohydrates.

So if a person wants to include Ketogenic Diet in their diet plan, they can put plenty of healthy fats, organic protein, and low-carb vegetables. This diet is effective in treating cancer.

How This Diet Helps In Cancer Treatment?

Ketogenic Diet fights cancer through certain important mechanisms. Take a look into the mechanisms.

Firstly, a Ketogenic diet simply decreases the amount of glucose for the cancer cells. Studies have shown that one of the important tendencies of cancer cells is to feed on glucose. Glucose provides the cancer cells with required amount of energy. So when the source of energy is made limited for the cancer cells, the tumors starts to starve. Once the cancer cells start to starve it leads to the death of the cancer cells.

Ketosis Basically Depletes the Energy Supply

Ketones form the energy sources. It is usually produced by the liver and travels through the blood streams to provide energy to the neurons. Ketones replace the glucose when it is not available in the body. However, an healthy cell can make use of the ketones but a cancer cell cannot. Thus, people suffering from cancer can replace their normal diet with Ketogenic diet. Ketogenic Diet fights cancer by depriving the cancer cells from obtaining required energy.

Studies have shown that cancer cells have defective mitochondria. As mitochondria is responsible for creating energy from the fats and proteins. But when the body faces a deficiency of fats and proteins, the cancer cells starts to rely on the breakdown of glucose. However, when the diet also contains less amount of glucose it can inhibit the growth of the cancer cells. Thereby, it leads to the death of the cancer cells.

Ketogenic Diet Combines with Fasting

The Keetogenic diet is very effective when it is combined with periodic fasting. This is because, fasting leads to the increase of ketones in the body and thereby starving the cancer cells.

So if you are looking forward to treat cancer, you can take the help of the Ketogenic Diet. Ketogenic diet fights cancer by starving the cancer cells and thereby ringing their death.